North Shore Troubadour

North Shore Troubadour is an innovative venue with a nautical theme based in the North Docks area of Liverpool. It has gained a reputation for having top quality sound due to it being the sister company to AE Audio, one of the foremost event equipment companies in the city.

With an interesting design to the venue, with a mezzanine and corridors behind the stage which brings a great atmosphere and laid back comfortable vibe. 
It's already housed several late night afterparties for shows in the Invisible Wind Factory, along with warehouse party style shows, and is quickly becoming one of the foremost venues in the blossoming Docklands area, having played host to the second stage at the Liverpool Music Week closing party.

The North Shore Troubadour is located at:
21 Carlton Street
L3 7ED

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Set times:


Conan - 01:30-02:15

Sex Swing - 00:15-01:00

Bilge Pump - 23:15-23:45

Grey Hairs - 22:15-22:45

Hey Colossus - 20:45-21:45

SPQR - 19:45-20:15

Ohmns - 18:45-19:15

Kapil Seshasayee - 17:45-18:15

Buried Sleeper - 16:45-17:15

Salt the Snail vs Bleach Sweets - 15:30-16:15

Tokyo Taboo - 14:30-15:00

Swearwolves - 13:30-14:00

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