Drop the Dumbulls


Drop the Dumbulls is a 140 year old pub on the docks of the Mersey in Liverpool.

Their ever evolving manifesto started as an experiment in providing temporary space for musicians, artists, film makers and creative/active forces to work and perform in unused city centre buildings that didn't involve pandering to arts council funding or the cliquey agenda's of creative landlords. Evolving now into its fourth iteration, after The Gaumont Cinema, Don't Drop the Dumbells and Drop the Dumbells all went through their life cycles, it's the embodiment of the DIY attitude, and as well as functioning as a venue, is also an art gallery, a studio and home to the creative team behind it. It's where WRONG is housing its craziest and most intense bands.

Drop the Dumbulls is located at:
The Bull
2 Dublin Street
L3 7DT

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Set times:


The St. Pierre Snake Invasion - 00:45-01:30

Spectres - 23:30-00:15

Alpha Male Tea Party - 22:15-23:00

Irk - 21:15-22:45

Table Scraps - 20:15-20:45

Black Pudding - 19:15-19:45

Alpha Maid - 18:15-18:45

Lucy Leave - 17:15-17:45

Sons - 16:15-16:45

Lonesaw - 15:15-15:45

Patchwork Guilt - 14:15-14:45

Psyblings - 13:15-13:45

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